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Carley Beatriz

Carley Beatriz

Carley is the 2IC at our boutique centre in Seymour Parade, Belfield. She joined us this year and brings a dynamic perspective to the centre, along with strong relationship-building skills with the children and their families. 

She is dedicated to continuing to learn and grow in the role within the CFK family - hear more from Carley below: 

1. What’s your background in childcare, and why did you choose it as a career?

I have been in childcare since I came out of high school in 2014, for a short period of one year I left childcare, but made my way back because it allowed me to be creative and is incredibly rewarding watching how your own teaching methods foster children’s learning and development

I chose this career from a young age. My own preschool teacher, Miss Robin, inspired me to be just like her. Miss Robin always greeted me with a smile and a hug at the gate and I knew as soon as I walked into my classroom it was going to be an incredible day of fun and learning. When I was ‘older’ I wanted to be just like her.

2. What is something unique you bring to the role? 

I think my role is split into three:

  • I’m a teacher that guides children’s learning and development, watching each individual child closely
  • I’m a security blanket - if a child needs anything, they are confident I can help, brush knees off or just give hugs 
  • I can be a child myself and relive my childhood through the children, there is no limits on creativity and imagination! 

3. Your favourite / most fulfilling part of the job?

My favourite part of my job is that every day is completely different, there is always a plan going into the day but there are plenty of spontaneous moments that make you lose track of time! 
Whether you’re starting a project or in the middle of a craft activity just standing back and watching the children at work, watching their brains tick and knowing your planning and programming has challenged them to get to this point.

4. Tell us something about you that not many people would know?

My Saturdays mainly consist of spending time with my grandparents. We have a routine of going to the fruit shop, followed by Primo’s then to our favourite café for a coffee. Every second weekend or so I escape Sydney to either go camping or to the farm, there is nothing I enjoy more than having no phone reception when I’m away on these trips! 

5. What does a typical day at CFK Seymour Pde look like for you? 

I don’t think there is a typical day here at the service, we of course have our daily routine we follow so the children have a concept of time - but with ongoing children’s interests and spontaneous learning experiences sometimes a day of programming goes straight out the window! The most typical part of my day is that I know I’m walking into a workplace where I’m supported, I know the children are always ready to learn and I know it is going to be busy so the time flies!

6. What do you hope to achieve within your first 12 months in the 2IC role?

I hope that to gain a broader understanding of the early learning industry, learning how to be a supportive staff member to my Director Sylvia, and other educators while still updating myself on how to foster children’s learning and development.