creating positive bedtime routines

Creating positive bedtime routines

The key to a positive bedtime routine is to carry out similar activities in roughly the same way each night. Most research finds that starting around 20 minutes before your child’s bedtime is the ideal timeframe for successful routines. Most bedtime routines include pre-bed tasks like having a bath and brushing teeth, as well as quiet, enjoyable activities like reading a book or…

our view to risky play

Our view on ‘Risky Play’

The twenty first century has been characterised with high risk aversion compared to previous generations. Our society’s fixation on safety and ‘no risk’ means that play environments are often devoid of adventure and interest. The avoidance of risky play is however counterintuitive to what we have learnt in our studies and experience as professional educators.…

Preparing for School

Preparing for school

We’ve been operating Care for Kindies for over 20 years so we have prepared thousands of children for their schooling journey. Our specially designed programs focus on school preparedness to ensure our children develop the necessary day-to-day skills they will need for school. These skills include being able to follow instructions, adhering to routine, lining up,…

Gym Fun

Gym fun

At Care for Kindies we focus on creating an atmosphere where our children feel energised and engaged. We have a gym program at each of our four centres. As part of our gym program, we encourage our children to be active, healthy and happy young beings. Young children are constantly growing and becoming more aware…

benefits of early childhood education

What we believe in

For over 20 years, we have created an environment where children access the love, care and warmth they need to be able to thrive. We follow four simple approaches, which underpin everything we do… We believe in smiles We focus on creating an atmosphere where the children feel energised and engaged. The children’s emotional wellbeing…