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What to eXPECT
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Our child education program

We’ve designed a unique early child education program that encourages children to learn, explore and discover the world around them. Our childhood education program based on the principles of the National Early Learning Framework but goes well beyond these standards, to give your child the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to thrive.

We incorporate the teaching philosophies of several different early-education theorists including:

- Reggio Emilia approach
- Vygotsky's Sociocultural Theory
- Bronfenbrenners Ecological Systems Theory

We believe that by combining multiple perspectives, we can best equip our children with the appropriate skills and knowledge for age appropriate development.

We offer a comprehensive School Readiness program which enables each of our children to be very well prepared for the transition to Kindergarten, taking with them a love of learning. However, the school transition is not only about developing cognitive skills, so we also place a strong focus on being socially, emotionally and physically ready.

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Come and visit our centres to see our recent learning projects, celebrations and milestones.

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Our pillars

Regio Emilia Approach

Learning Environment

We believe that childcare should be an extension of your home. Each space within our four centres is creatively imbued with colour, artworks, books, toys, building materials, photographs, art supplies and natural materials. We encourage the children to interact and feel connected to the physical environment around them.

Holistic Approach

Programs & projects

Our child education program has a strong focus on scaffolding the children’s knowledge. We love to plan experiences around their interests and to extend their learning via ongoing projects. We also include many intentional teaching opportunities.

Vygotsky’s Sociocultural Theory

love & learning

Our educators wholeheartedly believe that each child is capable, inventive and imaginative. We take on a holistic approach allowing independence, exploration and self-expression to develop. Each child at Care for Kindies is given endless opportunities to discover, learn and feel accomplished throughout the day. Our philosophy is focused around inspiring knowledge in a genuine, engaging yet playful manner.

Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological System Theory

community connection

We value the strong relationships that we build with our local community. We offer children many opportunities to experience the diversity and interact positively with others. We support the children to build their confidence in new situations and to extend their knowledge through outside learning.


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