Our School Readiness Curriculum - In Action

Our School Readiness Curriculum – In Action

Following our previous blog outlining our School Readiness Curriculum, the philosophy behind it and the curriculum focus, this will delve into what it looks like in action. Starting school is a milestone that involves building new skills, support from family as well as connecting with the community. The School Readiness Curriculum has been designed with this in mind and creates meaningful learning experiences to encourage the development of these necessary elements.


Positive Guidance of Children Policy

Two of the biggest challenges children face are learning acceptable behaviour and being able to control their own behaviour. Educators and parents need to understand how to teach children how look after themselves and the world around them. Knowing how to effectively teach children about acceptable behaviour allows them to better cope with these challenges. At…


The importance of STEM

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. It is taught in a way that each pillar is integrated together. Instead of teaching math as separate from technology or science, the concepts are taught together to deepen the child’s learning and capability. While STEM is usually part of the primary school curriculum, we believe that…