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Five minutes with Tess

Five minutes with Tess

Tess Cook looks after HR and Administration at our Head Office. We sat down with Tess to find out what motherhood means to her and she shares her own experience of sending her son, Jack to our Margaret St centre. Tess enjoys the sense of ‘family’ at Care for Kindies and sent her own son to give him the best start in life with the right tools to develop and grow.


What does motherhood mean to you?

Being a mother is a lot harder than I thought ☺ Motherhood to me is being a supportive and positive role model for my son. Being there for him (both physically and emotionally) and leading and guiding him to make sense of the world. Also giving him the tools to live a happy and meaningful life.

Why did you decide to send your own son to CFK for childcare?

I have known the staff at CFK for a long time and I was very comfortable sending my son to Margaret St from a young age (5 months). The teachers are very kind and caring, my son built attachments with the teachers quite quickly which helped him settle in within a few weeks.

What was difficult about the decision to send your first child into childcare?

Was I sending him too soon ☹ Should I be staying at home longer. Is he ready. All these fears disappeared when I started.

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As a parent, what was the hardest thing about the first day?

Leaving him. He was a bit teary I automatically wanted to comfort him. I found it was easiest if I said a quick goodbye and left. After a few weeks it much got easier.

What do you appreciate most about being part of the CFK family?

Coming to work every day you do get a sense of that ‘family’ feel. Everyone works together to help, support and encourage each other. We are a very friendly workplace ☺

What has been the most important lesson you have learnt about childcare?

I underestimated how great it would be for my son’s development. Socially it has been fantastic. He loves playing with other children. It has also been great for his physical and emotional development.

How would you describe the CFK culture?

Warm, supportive, caring, positive, encouraging,

At Care for Kindies we share a common goal with parents to provide the best environment possible for their children to grow into wise, informed and happy beings. We are proud of the family network we have created and welcome you to join us like Tess did!

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