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Gym fun

Gym fun

At Care for Kindies we focus on creating an atmosphere where our children feel energised and engaged. We have a gym program at each of our four centres. As part of our gym program, we encourage our children to be active, healthy and happy young beings.

Young children are constantly growing and becoming more aware of their bodies. Gymnastics allows basic body management skills, such as body-part identification and spatial awareness.

Young children benefit from following cues such as stopping and starting on signal. The development patterns for basic motor skills are vital and regular gymnastics practise provides children with the opportunity to incorporate strength, flexibility, speed, balance, coordination and discipline into one activity.

Walking into one of gym classes, you’ll see the genuine smiles on our children’s faces. Each week we build upon new skill progression and develop the mechanics of each skill specific to gymnastics.

See below for some cute photos.

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