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Language Development in Early Childcare Centres

Language Development in Early Childcare Centres

Childcare centres (like our Care for Kindies services in Belfield and Leppington!) provide highly stimulating environments for children to learn, and build on, their language and conversation skills.

Older children will often role-model appropriate language, and this exposure to different children of varied ages offers social opportunities many children don’t have access to at home.

Educators play a significant role in helping children learn how to converse. When a child tells them something, or says it to their friends, an educator will help them to clarify what they mean and will often ask them open-ended questions (such as “and what happened next?”) which encourages a child to expand on their answers and  ideas.

Children are encouraged to ask questions, and to help answer the questions asked by their peers. They are encouraged to be curious, and to explore through language, what interests them, or what they’d like to do that day.

Learning through play is ideal for children, and language development is an important skill developed this way. The more that children chat when they’re playing, the more words they hear, and can then use themselves. Singing songs, reading books, show & tell and other activities during group time provides perfect opportunities in a childcare setting to build upon existing language skills.

Bilingual (or multilingual!) children are also given the opportunity to practice English in a supportive setting, whereas they might not have the ability to do this at home with family.

Verbal language skills are an essential component of school readiness. Care for Kindies is very proud of our comprehensive School Readiness program offered to children from babies all the way up to their last year before school. Our program is designed by early childcare experts and tailored to suit the capabilities of each age group in our services.

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