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Our School Readiness Curriculum

Our School Readiness Curriculum

The transition to formal schooling is a big step in a child’s life. It’s important that they’re supported to gain the skills needed for success. Preparing for the transition isn’t only about developing cognitive skills, it also has a big focus on being socially, emotionally and physically ready.

School readiness is about whether the child can make a smooth transition beyond preschool. It’s important that educators and families work together to implement activities into the child’s daily routine to build on their life skills, allowing the child the best possible start to school with the opportunity for optimal learning.

Starting school ready and prepared is so important as it means that the child can quickly extend on their skills at school. Unfortunately, without the foundation required to start school, children will be trying to concentrate on the basic skills while their peers will be extending, developing and learning new skills.

For this reason, Care For Kindies has implemented the School Readiness Curriculum to build on their life skills and create the best possible start to a child’s future learning journey.

Our School Readiness

We focus on The Whole Child where we see an importance in ensuring all aspects of their development and wellbeing are catered for. We take an individual approach and plan for their social, emotional, physical and academic needs.

Our school readiness program is based on the following teaching practices:

Reggio Emilia Approach

  • Encourages children to self-guide their own learning with the support of Educators.
  • Children are encouraged to explore with a wide range of open ended resources which are accessible and inviting to the children
  • The environment is thought of as the ’Third Teacher’.

Vygotsky’s Sociocultural Theory

  • Learning is a social process; Children are influenced by all others around them, whether it be adults or their peers.
  • We base our program around children being active in their own learning with role models guiding them.

Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Theory

  • Children are influenced by their different environments and communities that they interact with.
  • We get to know the children and base our planning and experiences around their individual development and needs.

Our Learning Pillars

Our Pillars
Our Learning Pillars

Our Curriculum Focus

Term 1 – Strong Sense of Self
First Term is an opportunity to focus on Self Esteem, Self – Sufficiency and Self Identification, recognition of belongings, name and surname, likes and dislikes.

Term 2 – Strong Social Sense
Second Term is an opportunity to focus on the sense of belonging, social rules, roles, responsibilities, society values, patience, strengthening emotional resilience. We begin to introduce children to letters and numbers.

Term 3 – Pre-literacy & Pre-numeracy
Third Term is an opportunity to explore many mathematical and literacy concepts through everyday experiences and particularly through Open Ended Resources.

Term 4 – Applied Literacy & Numeracy
Fourth Term is an opportunity to look at both pre-literacy and numeracy in a more formal way. Sound, letter and number recognition as well as an application within intentional activities. We have a strong focus on the transition to the new environment.

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