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Preparing for school

Preparing for school

We’ve been operating Care for Kindies for over 20 years so we have prepared thousands of children for their schooling journey. Our specially designed programs focus on school preparedness to ensure our children develop the necessary day-to-day skills they will need for school. These skills include being able to follow instructions, adhering to routine, lining up, interacting positively with peers, sharing and listening during group time and completing table-top activities. Knowing that your child has been equipped with the right skills, what else can be done to prepare for school?

Prepare emotionally

Lots of children (and of course their parents) feel anxious about this big step of starting school. It can cause a mixed bag of emotions, the excitement of growing up and the sadness about watching your child leave their school friends and educators at preschool. Ultimately it is important to remember that it is a wonderful and enriching time which allows your children to grow, learn and develop new skills.

It is natural for some children to be anxious about the change and movement away from their comfort zone. It is very important to be open about those feelings of nervousness and to normalise them. Reinforce that it is OK to feel apprehensive and that those feelings are normal and acceptable.

Most fears are related to not knowing what is going to happen and where things are. It is a great idea to borrow some “starting school” books from the library. You can ask your educators for a recommended list or check out these 11 books for reducing “school jitters”. Reading these books together can help your child to prepare mentally and to position school as a positive and exciting change. If your child seems concerned about starting schools, focus on the positive aspects of school and reassure your child that you will be there to support them along the way.

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