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School Holiday Boredom Busters

School Holiday Boredom Busters

We all love the holidays, but there always comes a time that we dread; “Mum, Dad… I’m Bored!”. We have compiled a few of our favourite resources and activities to help you out when the boredom strikes. These can all be done at home with no preparation at all.

Get baking

Even though it could get a little messy, baking is a great way to keep busy for a few hours and you, of course, get a tasty treat at the end. Gather any ingredients in your fridge and pantry and see what you can make. Our favourite thing to bake is sugar cookies because you can have fun making different shapes and then get creative icing and decorating them. If you’re looking for some more inspiration check out Kidspot Kitchen.

Put on a show

Put your creative hat on and put on a dance, drama or musical performance. This can be as elaborate as you’d like, from a quick improvisation to writing a script and making costumes. This will also be a valuable learning experience, as your children will use their imagination and creativity to plan and perform. Use a favourite movie, song or story as inspiration and see where their imagination takes them.

Reuse and up-cycle

Instead of throwing away boxes and wrapping this Christmas, save it and find a new life for it. There are endless possibilities when it comes to using a box for play. It can be made into a house, a robot costume or even just decorated. This is another great way to encourage creative and imaginative play. It’s also great for the environment because you’re reusing and up-cycling something instead of simply throwing it away and purchasing another toy.

Household scavenger hunt

Get active and have a scavenger hunt in your house, backyard or even neighbourhood. Create a list of things that you need to find and get hunting. This is another amazing learning experience that can be tailored to your child’s age. You can focus on colour, shapes, objects, sounds and more! Here are some ideas and templates to get you started.

Movie time

When all else fails, it’s time to pop on a good movie! If you find it tricky choosing a movie, we love this movie guide which has a variety of options. It even filters movies by age suitability, classification and genre, so there’s something for everyone.

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