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Starting Childcare: A Handy Guide for Families

Starting Childcare: A Handy Guide for Families

When your child starts at childcare, it is a big milestone that can affect the whole family! Whilst educators take the best of care to ensure a smooth transition, here’s some tips that may make the jump in to childcare a bit easier:

Pack your child’s bag the night before: This can help minimise the morning rush and the stress that comes along with it. You may then end up having more relaxed time with your child prior to drop-off, which starts the day off on a positive note.

Label EVERYTHING: There is no such thing as too many labels! Make sure your child’s belongings all have their name clearly on them – clothing, spare clothing, hats, water bottle, backpack, shoes – anything that is packed in their bag!

Always say goodbye: It can be disconcerting for a child new to care to have a parent drop them and ‘disappear’; ensure you say goodbye and let them know you’ll be returning in the afternoon / evening to pick them up again. Keep it short and simple, and your child will be ready to begin a fun day at childcare!

Share your child’s interests: Let the educators know what your child likes and dislikes, and their current interests; keep us updated! Educators can incorporate this into their daily activities. We want children to feel as comfortable in childcare as they do at home!

Use StoryPark: this app is a fantastic resource to check in on what children are doing each day whilst in care; our educators update regularly each day with photographs and summaries of what the children are learning and playing. This not only is a great insight into your child’s day, and the childcare centre itself, but it also gives families peace of mind. Educators can be contacted via StoryPark so feel free to send through any questions and comments you may have! It’s a great way to stay in touch, and be involved.

Talk about the day: When your child gets home, have some positive conversations. Take cues from what you’ve seen on StoryPark, or ask open-ended questions like: ‘What did you really enjoy doing today?” This may also result in copying some of these same activities at home. Ask them about their friends, or who they played with. Demonstrating enthusiasm and interest in their day at childcare will help your child feel good about sharing their day with you.

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