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The Environment as the Third Teacher – Reggio Emilia Approach

The Environment as the Third Teacher – Reggio Emilia Approach

At Care for Kindies our philosophies align with the Reggio Emilia approach. The learning environments plays a key role in Early Childhood Development. Our childcare centres located in Sydney offer environments where children can build relationships, communication, collaboration, and exploration through play.

Our childcare centre in Belfield and Leppington offers learning spaces and facilities that consider the individual child’s interests and developmental stages. In the Reggio Emilia approach the environment is viewed as a place that is welcoming, authentic aesthetically pleasing, culturally representative of community, embraces nature and is filled with purposeful materials. We provide the children resources that are thoughtfully added to the environment to promote creativity, thinking and problem-solving skills, questions, experimentation, and open-ended play.

Reggio Emilia has influenced the ways in which our local preschool, childcare centres and kindergarten environments are created and prepared. Our educators at Care for Kindies childcare centre Belfield and Leppington follow the development of children through observations, we follow the ways in which children are viewed more as capable and competent individuals.

In essence, Reggio Emilia’s approach leads children to take pride in their own learning and thinking, so that they have empowering experiences in their learning environments and feel intrinsic motivation to continue learning and exploring.



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