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The Importance of Art in Early Childhood

The Importance of Art in Early Childhood

As a parent or carer of a child, you will likely know how much children love art! Painting, drawing, playdough sculptures, mosaic and collage – and often the messier the better!  

Besides being a great way to spend time (especially on a rainy day) art is also highly valuable for early childhood development. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Learning skills like recognising patterns and working with different textures and colours
  • Develops an understanding of ‘cause and effect’ – “if I mix red paint and white paint it turns pink”, “if I press hard with this crayon, the colour will be darker”
  • Fosters intellectual development and critical thinking skills – planning what they are going to create, and then going ahead and producing an artwork
  • Builds fine motor skills – a vital component in any school readiness program
  • Aids in a child’s ability to express themselves
  • Learning to cooperate and work together with others, whether through sharing resources or working together on a group project
  • Improves language skills when they share and talk about their artwork
  • Provides an expressive outlet for the release of stress; good for overall health and wellbeing

We incorporate art daily at our three Care for Kindies centres.

In Term 2, our centre on Seymour Parade in Belfield will be unveiling its very own exclusive visual arts enrichment program which will focus on a different medium of art each week for ten weeks!

Visit our website to book a tour at one of our Sydney centres and join the Care for Kindies family today!

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