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The Importance of School Readiness!

The Importance of School Readiness!

Did you know that ‘School Readiness’ starts in early childcare from the babies’ room upwards? Skills that children are taught from the youngest age help them get ready through the years, until it’s their turn to pull on their school uniform and take the first steps into their kindergarten class and all that follows after that!

Contrary to popular belief, school readiness is not just about holding a pencil and writing your name. It is so much broader and more comprehensive than that! School readiness in childcare encompasses the wide range of skills and knowledge that provide a solid foundation for future progress and achievement in the school years and beyond.

Whilst academic basics are definitely included in this concept, it also involves the following (and so much more!)

  • Teaching children self-care skills such as opening their lunchbox, putting their shoes on and using the toilet independently
  • Building on their attention span, their concentration and listening skills.
  • Critical social skills, including co-operating, turn-taking and communicating, and the ability to regulate their emotions.

Each of these attributes are so important for your child to learn in their earliest years. It really will help set them up for success in later childhood and beyond!

Students who have not had the advantage of a thorough school readiness program can often find themselves trying to ‘catch up’ with their peers when starting school. The better developed these basic skills are, the smoother the transition to the ‘big’ school environment.

Care for Kindies has an impressive School Readiness curriculum, with a program catering for all ages 0-5. It is designed to encourage children to learn, explore and discover the world around them. The program is based on the principles of the National Early Learning Framework but goes well beyond these standards, to give our children the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to thrive. You can visit the Education page on our website to view a copy of our brochure!

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