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What is 'Munch and Move'?

What is 'Munch and Move'?

What is 'Munch and Move'?

'Munch & Move' is a NSW Health initiative that supports the healthy development of children from birth to 5 years by encouraging physical activity, healthy eating and reduced screen time.

Early childhood educators receive resources and training from NSW Health that assist educators to implement a fun, play-based approach to supporting healthy eating and physical activity habits in young children.

Why is 'Munch and Move' important in an early childhood setting like Care for Kindies?

‘Establishing sound eating and activity habits from an early age gives children the best chance of leading a healthy life and maintaining a healthy weight’ (Munch and Move website).

How are the children at Care for Kindies encouraged to regularly participate in physical activity and enjoy nutritious food?

- All meals are prepared on site and the children enjoy a menu that includes a variety of nutritious meals and snacks.

A delicious morning tea snack plate to share

 - We play group games that encourage being physically active while having fun, such as games with the parachute and Duck Duck Goose.

Parachute games at Care for Kindies, Leppington

- Extracurricular sporting activities such as soccer, basketball and dance are run at the centre by external providers.

Dream Street Dance Studio at Care for Kindies at Margaret Street, Belfield.

- Our Educators run yoga sessions that not only provide physical benefits but also mental health benefits.

A yoga class at Care for Kindies

 - The children participate in activities and games that help them work on their ball skills and gross motor skills.

Practicing ball skills and balance

 - Mini obstacle courses are set up in the outdoor areas for both intentional lessons and free play.

- Bike paths at each of our centres encourage the children to jump on a bike when enjoying the outdoor space.

How can you encourage healthy eating, physical activity and reduced screen time at home? 

- Encourage your child to drink water regularly throughout the day, and minimise the amount of juice and cordial they drink.

- Ask your child to help you choose fruits and vegetables when doing the grocery shop. Giving them a choice when shopping makes it more fun.

- Encourage your child to help you prepare a healthy meal for the family.

- Encourage your child to help with chores outdoors such as walking the dog, washing the car or gardening.

- Go for a family walk after a meal.

For more ideas on how to encourage healthy eating and helping your children stay active, visit the NSW Health Munch and Move website!

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