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What we believe in

What we believe in

For over 20 years, we have created an environment where children access the love, care and warmth they need to be able to thrive.

We follow four simple approaches, which underpin everything we do…

We believe in smiles

We focus on creating an atmosphere where the children feel energised and engaged. The children’s emotional wellbeing is at the forefront of our educator’s minds. Our educator’s patience and dedication is paramount to encouraging positivity, resilience and growth among the children. We’ve built a culture where the children are enriched and parents feel comfort knowing their children are being cared for properly. Walking into one of our centres, you can witness a rich sense of interaction and connection among all the members of our family community. You’ll see the genuine smiles on our children, parents and educators.

We believe in inquisitive minds

Our educators wholeheartedly believe that each child is capable, inventive and imaginative. We take on a holistic approach allowing independence, exploration and self-expression to develop. Each child at Care for Kindies is given endless opportunities to discover, learn and feel accomplished throughout the day. Our philosophy is focused around inspiring knowledge in a genuine, engaging yet playful manner.

We understand the importance of having committed educators who love to teach. The children develop their own love for learning from a young age in this safe and accepting environment. We’re proud of the long tenure of our qualified educators who have been part of the Care for Kindies family for many years.

We believe in a connection the natural environment

We believe that childcare should be an extension of your home. Each space within our four centres is creatively imbued with colour, artworks, books, toys, building materials, photographs, art supplies and natural materials. We encourage the children to interact and feel connected to the physical environment around them.

We believe in doing our small part to make the world a better place.  We teach the children about nature and how to respect their environment. In the garden the children witness growth, seasonal changes and the cycles of living things. Our desire is for the children to develop a sense of responsibility and care for their local community and the wider world around them.

We believe in children

Everything we do is about giving children the best start in life by providing them with the right tools to develop and grow. We strive to ensure that each child and family feel like they belong. Family values have always been at the heart of the way we operate and are the basis of what we teach the children. We are very proud of the sense of ‘family’ we have created among our staff, parents, children and siblings.

Our philosophy focuses on creating genuine smiles, encouraging inquisitive minds, fostering a connection to the natural environment and of course giving our children the best start in life

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